His House

The Chantry is the Grade II* Listed Queen Anne style mansion where Edward Jenner lived from 1785 until his death in 1823. Although best-known for its role in the discovery of vaccination, the house itself has a fascinating history.

The ChantryThere is evidence of human activity on this site since at least the Roman period and its proximity to the Anglo-Saxon double minster church gave it prominence until the early medieval period and the construction of Berkeley Castle.

After a period of the site being used for construction work and light industry, a house was built here to provide a residence for a priest tending one of the chantry chapels in St Mary’s Church. The modern name of the house, The Chantry, recognises this history. After the abolition of the chantries in the mid-1500s the house was sold and became a private residence.

In 1707, Charles Weston built a new residence, perhaps incorporating some of the earlier building, and, although later residents including Jenner made their own additions and alterations, much of what you can see today dates from this time.