Together for Jenner

We are delighted to announce that our fundraising appeal has now raised £22,000 and so Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden will be able to open for the 2019 season.

In September 2018, we broke the news that the former home of vaccine pioneer Edward Jenner faced closure unless we could raise £20,000 by March 2019. Thanks to the support of visitors, friends from around the world, and businesses and organisations both from the local area and further afield we are very pleased to have reached our target in good time to plan for the forthcoming season.

Although we will enjoy celebrating the success of this campaign, we are aware that there is still much work to do. The momentum generated has been huge and has given us a fantastic opportunity to start discussions with potential partners and funders to secure the long-term future of a site that so many people locally and around the world hold dear. £22,000 will allow us to continue as we are for another year, however to enact lasting change and to grow our work we must keep fundraising.

Our plans for 2019 include the return of Discovery Day, our flagship science festival which was attended by 244 visitors last year, significant improvements to our education programme and a full strategic review of our operations. We are still not in receipt of any ongoing public funding and we are now asking our friends around the world to consider making regular donations which will help us to inform these plans.

Please continue to support our work as an independent charity preserving Jenner’s house as a continuing memorial to his remarkable life and legacy. One-off and regular Direct Debit donations can be made online here, or for cheque, standing orders or more information about partnering with us to deliver a project please contact or call 01453 810631.

Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden will reopen to the public on Saturday 16 February for half-term opening until Wednesday 20 February. The museum’s main season will run from Sunday 31 March to Wednesday 30 October, inclusive, when it will be open between Sunday and Wednesday. This year, the museum will also open on Good Friday and Saturdays in Gloucestershire school holidays. Full visitor information can be found here.

Donate Now

Please contact the Museum Office on 01453 810631 or email if you would like to talk to us about your gift.

You can also support the museum in a number of other ways: by becoming a member of The Chantry Club, coming to one of our events, volunteering, or just telling your friends and colleagues about our campaign.

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  1. To me, this museum is a place of memories and conviction. I visited the museum as a first year studying Biochemistry in the University of Bristol. Having learned about Dr. Jenner’s work before, visiting the museum reiterated to me just how important his legacy is to the world. I remember pondering what would the world become if not for his work, and thinking to myself that I should be more diligent in my studying so as to continue his scientific legacy.

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  2. I taught science at Berkeley Vale school and often took groups of pupils from the school to the museum. It made the work of Edward Jenner come alive. They particularly liked the garden and the hut where he carried out the vaccinations. Sadly the school closed in July 2011.

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  3. Having studied science at school and university I was introduced to Jenner’s work on vaccines. It was a fantastic discovery and as a result saved many, many lives from a devastating disease and paved the way for all the vaccines we use today. It would be a very sad day if this house and museum were to close. Please give your support.

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  4. I got to this website today by sheer accident: you know how you read an article and you look something up based on that and then you end up three websites away from where you originally started? I was thrilled to have discovered Dr. Jenner’s house and museum and was making mental plans to visit in the summer only to come across the horrible news that it may have to close. Accepting donations on your website won’t be enough; I have two suggestions: call the BBC and tell them about the situation. If they do a feature story, you should get a lot of interest/donors. And set up a Kickstarter campaign! People go there to actually look for projects to support. Best of luck to you!


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